Tuesday, May 18, 2010

June 2nd Workshop

We are very close to publishing the PC Renew website. We just need a few final changes & we are ready to discuss how to coordinate with Nate for publishing the site on WPCUG's web server.

Also, during this workshop, we will demonstrate how to view a website that is sent to you as a collection of files in a zip folder. Yes, a website can be viewed in a browser with proper styling & styles applied without it being published & this will be demonstrated.

Time permitting, we will start a discussion of Search Engine Optimization techniques & optimize the PC Renew website.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 5th workshop results

This workshop was significant in that it was the first time that Jimmy & Gary got to see the PC Renew website in action & provide feedback about the site. This session resulted in some real time modifications as well as six action items that will be completed in the next week or so. One of these will be coordination with Nate as to how the main site & PC Renew will interact with one another & how to publish the site.
Depending on progress it might be possible to go live at the next EW workshop on 6/2.