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  • Slack: is so popular that there’s a good chance your office is already using it. If not, this cloud-based tool should be the first one you look into. Its themed channels for teams, customizable alert settings, archiving, and search capabilities make it a robust tool for both real-time messaging and storing old conversations for easy reference. Many people are also using Slack channels for personal use outside of work, so your team will probably adapt to it easily.
  • Hangouts Chat: We predict that Google’s transformation of Hangouts from a consumer service to a corporate one will have a big impact on businesses once it’s released. The new Chat is integrated with G Suite, has virtual project rooms and filterable search, and even has a chatbot that’ll help you schedule meetings for your team in Google Calendar. Paired up with Hangouts Meet —Google’s new business videoconferencing service—Chat may become the messaging app of choice in G Suite-friendly offices.

Task management tools that communicate well

  • Asana: Like its yoga-themed name suggests, Asana is one of the most flexible, communicative project managers out there. Its dashboard features a “Team Conversations” tab that lets you send out team announcements organized by thread. You can @mention colleagues like in Slack or Hipchat, but you can also highlight tasks (which appear as links). Asana’s team-based alerts ensure that only the right people get task alerts—so you don’t waste anyone else’s time.
  • Volerro: Volerro uses Kanban boards, a Japanese style of work management that breaks down big projects into smaller chunks. Kanban boards are easy on the eyes; they’re a great way to present project status to external stakeholders without bogging them down with the nitty-gritty details. A bonus with Volerro is that it also has some great communication features, like one-click meetings and an in-app chat box for multiple users working on the same project.

All-in-one collaboration tools

  • Igloo: Sometimes it makes sense for a business to use a tool that offers a bit of everything. Igloo is a pre-built company intranet that has the usual calendars and content management tools, but also lets users chat and post in forums.
  • Podio: Need a flexible intranet for your growing business? Citrix’s Podio may be your answer. It’s highly customizable (it even has its own app store), which works for startups and entrepreneurs who want to add features as they grow. Chat and direct messaging are built in, and users can collaborate in digital workspaces too.
  • Flow is simple project management and task tracking software for teams -

misc stuff to look at:

  • did you feel it which is an earthquake reporting site
  • URL expander - -- see 10/7 email using this link - (do not click on this - just copy & expand)
    • see urlscan below
  • Facebook Live 

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October 2017

September 2017

  • Create visual music for Oskar Fischinger's 117th birthday in this #GoogleDoodle 👀 🎶
  • Sam Wexler site - --- 2013 Theme

  • check for good urls
    • 2)
      • demo this using
      • this link comes from Citi email of 7/13 & found in Web design email folder
    • 3)
    • 4) 
    • 5) 
    • 6) 
    • martello44 - qtyf
    • Edit instructions -
  • for WordPress subjects
    • demo themes for
    • Akismet & comments on the lanline club WP site
    • EZPZ One Click Backup - lynns plugin
    • This is a child theme of Genesis Framework - Freelance Child ThemeVersion: 1.0.1By StudioPress
    • Speed suggestions from Goog analytics for wpcug -
    • study how o do WIKI if you intend to present to BOD. There's a wiki in the pcrenew site

  • started wkshop leader in June 2009 - so 8 years, Annette went 10yrs
  • Joe Ms - How To Run A WordPress Security Audit -
  • apps for polling & others
  • Transcribing a meeting
  • Video Tutorials -


  • HipChat - 
    • see google docs
  • introduce tutorials from Joe in recent mail - & put it into this site

  • Slack ( is messaging software for teams. When your team uses Slack, all of your important conversations are in one place,  With Slack, you can create focused conversations,  As well as smaller, private conversations, on even one-to-one direct messaging. Up to Part 2 in Lynda
  • Create back up files of PC renew and then upload them to LanLine
  • Try WP touch for responsive site
  • consider slideshow for pcrenew - per Joe Mc
  • A Weebly version of club site -- maybe for PC Renew? Use for dashboard & logon with hotmail ID
  • Magazine theme - david stockman uses this

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