Tuesday, January 11, 2011

March 2nd Workshop - Online Forms

In this workshop we will continue building an online form that is part of a website.  The form gives a visitor the ability to input information and to communicate with the website owner.  We will design the form as well as set up the options of how the website will process the visitors input.  Be it just a simple email generation back to the site owner or direct the visitor's input data to a web server's database.

An online form is an ideal way for visitors to communicate with the website owner & for the website owner to collect visitor information for whatever purpose the owner has in mind.

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 5th Workshop

For this month's workshop, we will be continuing to follow the Sams book on Expression Web 4.  We will be starting chapter 4 - Building a Home Page.  This chapter will include the following subjects:
  • Setting up a new website
  • Importing Styled text from another document
  • Cleaning up imported text
Then we will be continuing with chapter 5 - Hyperlinks. This chapter will include the following subjects:
  • How to create links between pages
  • How to create links to other websites
  • How to create links that open in new windows
  • How to create bookmark links within a page