Friday, May 6, 2011

The June 8 workshop

We will cover:

CH8 - just a brief discussion since the subject of html code we try to avoid at all cost.

CH9 Using Tables for Tabular Content
How to create a table

  • Change the appearance of a table
  • How to use the Tables Toolbar
  • The history of tables used on the Web

Then we'll see how far we can get into CH 10 - Cascading Style Sheets

Up to this point we have learned to create & add content for a website.  A website without styling is boring & this is where CSS comes in.  The author of our book calls CSS the most powerful tool on the web.
  • What  are Cascading Style Sheets  
  • How to create new styles from scratch
  • How to modify existing styles using the styles tools
  • How to use styles to change the appearance of words, sections or whole pages

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