Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 14th Workshop

Please note we will meet in the usual G1 room at Stepinac.
For directions click here

The areas we will cover:
  • We will do a brief introduction to WordPress if new members show up
  • WordFence - is a security plugin for WordPress that provides security, protecting a website from hacks and malware
    • I'll show the group detailed automated email messages that WordFence generated which shows hack attempts on the new PC Renew website from "suspicious" countries
  • We will attempt to convert the new PC Renew site to a "responsive" website
    • Meaning that we will make it mobile friendly. Find out what this is all about & why it's important for many reasons
  • We will examine a website dedicated to WordPress & see what it has to offer
  • Introduce DesktopServer
    •  This is server software that allows of the development of a WorPress site locally on your own PC

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