Friday, February 5, 2016

February 10th Workshop

Please note we will meet in room G1 at Stepinac at 7PM. 

For directions click here.

The areas we will cover: 
  • We will do a brief introduction to WordPress if new members show up
  • Building WordPress sites, we will cover:
    • Installing and managing themes
    • Modifying the stylesheet
    • The importance of titles for Search Engine Optimization
  • In the area of website security we will examine what we're up against
    • Our security scanner WordFence has published a study on how hackers post scripts to anonymous servers where the downloaded script creates a larger download called an attack platform which with a graphical user interface (GUI) provides a hacker with a multitude of attack tools
    • WordFence has provided us with an insiders view as to what these attack platforms look like

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